Sally O'Connor

The Wise Hippo gave me the confidence not only in myself, but to ask questions and make informed decisions. Because of this, I remained in control throughout and owned our birth! Techniques have helped me beyond pregnancy and labour, including with breastfeeding and more recently (5 years later) in stressful situations #lifetimeknowledge

~ Jan 2020
Bex Hough

The Wise Hippo enabled me to change direction when unexpected things unfolded in both my birth ensuring I could stay calm, relaxed and feel in emotional control. Using my B.R.A.I.N.S I was able to make decisions that was right for me and my baby to have The right birth on the day. My first was born at home my second I transferred from my home birth at 9cm. I had very rare diagnosed condition with my first which meant I was in hospital post birth for week. The Wise Hippo tracks really helped me to relax and the breastfeeding tracks helped me to get breastfeeding established even when the medical professionals did not think this was possible. I followed my instinct's and was able to make the right decisions day by day.

~ Oct 2018
Clare Lawrance

Following the fairly difficult birth of my son (2nd degree tear) I undertook Wise Hippo & breathed my daughter out in a wonderful delivery I was ready to do again the second she was born. I loved it!

~ Oct 2018
Robyn Hemmings

It helped me more than words can express, not only did I have the belief and trust and relaxed state of mind for what my body can do. It helped my partner be able to trust our choices and be able to eloquently express our wishes whilst we birthed our daughter.As first time parents It helped to form a beautiful bond between us, both during pregnancy and during our birth story. We will forever say it was one of the best choices we made.

~ Sept 2018
Ellie Lewis

It helped me to cope and remain calm despite changes to my birth plan and to make informed choices which weighed risk vs ideals.

~ Sept 2018
Rosie Hart

It helped me to trust my body, believe in myself to make the right decisions for me and my baby and, to stay calm!

~ Sept 2018
Rachel Walker

Helped my stay calm, relaxed and focused.

~ Sept 2018
Allison Wickramasinghe

It helped me to truly trust my own instincts, for when I felt something was not right and when everything was ok. And experiencing pain free surges made me fully understand birth is so very beautiful in all its forms, and should be celebrated as such. It was life changing. I learnt more as a Wisehippo Mummy in four weeks about how positive mind creates calm body, than my many years of being a Midwife. My life path changed the day I met Tamara Cianfini

~ Sept 2018
Andrea Casey

It has helped me become a more relaxed and in control person and has helped me focus on the bigger picture during the most difficult year of my life (not baby related, he has been the blessing from this year).

~ Sept 2018

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