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Welcome to The Wise Hippo

Helping you have The Right Birth on the Day

Karis husband and baby

Welcome to The Wise Hippo where we believe in preparing our clients for their whole parenting adventure from Bump, to Birth, to Baby.

If right now you feel scared and far from prepared then finding yourself on our website maybe just the right thing you need.

Whether you just want to attend our signature 10 hour antenatal education programme, The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, or if you also require our additional sessions for Breech Turn, Breech Births, Avoiding Induction or Preparation for it, we can make sure that you have The Right Birth on the Day.

Maybe you know that you are having a C-Section and therefore our C-Section Preparation Programme is right for you.

Here at The Wise Hippo though we don’t believe that antenatal education is just about preparing for birth.

We found that many of our clients were struggling to find easily accessible classes for preparing for parenthood, and that they were struggling with as many concerns and worries about how they were going to cope with a new born as they were about birth.

Maybe you’ve already had a baby and you know that struggle all too well, perhaps Breastfeeding didn’t go as you hoped last time, or the torture of no sleep is haunting you as the days draw ever closer to your baby being born. Perhaps you just feel like a refresher would be useful for you.

We listened to our clients and it is why we now provide all of this incredibly valuable information in The Wise Hippo Early Parenting Programme. All of the new born baby essentials, in 4 great classes, that will help ensure that you are ready for parenthood. 4 x 1.5 hour sessions that will take you through Breastfeeding, Taking Care of a Newborn, Sleep and Taking Care of Your Own Needs too.

For more details click on the Programmes link in the Nav. Bar above, or click on the Find Your Local Class to contact your local Wise Hippo Instructor.

To see how all of these individual programmes fit together, take a look at the image below.

The Bump, Birth and Baby Blueprint

Image Image

A Beautiful Wise Hippo Baby by Michelle White Photography

As well as deciding whether to attend classes with an instructor, or learn from the comfort of your own home with Co founders Dany Griffiths and Tamara Cianfini, you can also choose whether you dive into the whole Blueprint right from the start, or to purchase each section as and when the time feels right for you.

The Right Birth On The Day Sessions can be purchased separately if and when required.

To find your local instructor for face to face classes click HERE.

If you are thinking that our online education programme is for you, the images below will show you what you will get at a glance.

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The Complete Online Bump, Birth and Baby Blueprint

Preparing you for pregnancy, birth and early parenting

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