We stand for more than just good antenatal education

Our empowering birth preparation programme is positive, calming, caring and  transformational. Our passionate and dedicated teachers and life changing resources will guide you towards becoming an informed, wise and confident parent.

We know what it's like to feel worried at this very special time in your life. That's why it is important to choose the right education and the right support to guide you and your birth partner along the way. 

Take a look at our incredible birth outcome statistics below. It's no wonder parents, teachers and midwives choose The Wise Hippo over traditional hypnobirthing.

The Wise Hippo Birth Outcomes

Our Wise Hippo Celebs...

The Wise Hippo attracts many hypnobirthing celebrities to our courses

You are never alone with The Wise Hippo by your side

We are here to support you and your choices no matter what sort of birth you are planning. The way you prepare for birth matters and how you choose to do it will directly influence the outcome of your experience. Our hypnobirthing teachers are highly skilled and well trained to support both you and your birth partner.

We see expectant parents all too often experience:

  • Pregnancy anxiety, that leads to feeling anxious, fearful and out of control
  • Struggling with negative thoughts from a previous experience or birth stories that others have shared 
  • Feeling like they are worried, alone, misunderstood with no one to talk to
Your birth partner will learn how to support you

Let's dream a little

It doesn't have to be this way... in fact far from it!

Our passionate Wise Hippo teachers are on hand to educate and prepare you and your partner for a birth that's calm, relaxed, and puts you in control.

  • Unscramble the fear of the unknown surrounding childbirth with our world class teachers, materials and resources
  • Find peace, excitement and confidence on the lead up to and during the birth of your precious baby
  • Be part of a friendly and supportive Wise Hippo Community HUB
  • Feel like you are in control and able to make informed decisions no matter what direction your labour and birth takes on the day
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Harry and I used hypnobirthing again like we did with both of the girls' births. I originally looked at hypnobirthing when I first got pregnant with Ivy as I was so fearful of birth and the unknown and it taught me not to fear birth and to take control of it.

Kate Kane
Harry Kane and Kate Kane chose to attend a Wise Hippo course

Captain your birth with The Wise Hippo HUB!

Harry and Kate Kane, the TOWIE mums and many more all chose The Wise Hippo to prepare for the birth of their babies and you can too. Here's what you get when you enter our exclusive Wise Hippo HUB.

  • Many empowering pregnancy relaxation sessions to help build your confidence and prepare for birth.
  • An incredible video library full of real life birth footage. Seeing is believing - prepare to be blown away!
  • An abundance of information that will build your confidence and remove your fears.
  • Support - join our supportive Facebook community where you can connect with other like-minded parents, teachers and midwives.

Remember, you and your baby deserve a birth story to cherish forever and we look forward to hearing your exciting news in the very near future. 

That's not all
The birth path book is a great introduction to hypnobirthing

The Wise Birth Book - The Birth Path

Written by Tamara Cianfini

A great intro into The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

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You can teach privately or in a group setting

Tamara's FREE Hypnobirth Book

Know your worth, Hypnobirth by Tamara Cianfini

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In response to the shortcomings of current maternity care, Tamara has crafted a concise, easily digestible online book designed to enrich your pregnancy journey. Whether you're commuting, on holiday, or simply unwinding at home, this book is the perfect companion, offering a gentle introduction to the empowering world of hypnobirthing.

Tailored for the busy lives of expectant parents, Tamara's online book offers quick, engaging reads for any moment—ensuring you can explore hypnobirthing without overwhelming your schedule. It's not just a book; it's her gift to you, aiming to demystify hypnobirthing and reveal its potential to transform your birthing experience into something more positive and fulfilling. Dive in and discover if hypnobirthing resonates with you, all while taking a significant step towards an empowered birth experience for you and your baby.

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Seeing is believing!

Prepare to be blown away when you watch this Wise Hippo mum laugh her baby out. There are plenty more videos to inspire you when you access 'The Wise Hippo HUB'.

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