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The ‘HIP’ way to help pregnant couples.

We provide unique pregnancy and birth preparation classes. We will support you every step of the way and no previous experience is required – just your passion!

The Wise represents the knowledge that we share and the Hippo symbolises the protection of the childbearing woman. If you have a passion for helping pregnant couples, and with achieving the ‘right birth on the day’, please get in touch.

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The ‘HIP way to bond with your baby.

We want all pregnant women and their partners to learn about the importance of prenatal bonding in the most useful and effective way. Understanding the true messages of our emotions is simple and life-changing. Our Bond with Baby session is a must for you, your partner and your baby’s emotional intelligence. Find out more below.

Bond with Baby
The ‘HIP’ way to birth your baby

We want to empower all pregnant women, and their partners, to trust themselves and the choices they make, so that they can achieve the best birth possible and know that their baby had ‘the right birth on the day’. If you are pregnant and looking for a fantastic way to prepare for your birth our course directory will help you find a Wise Hippo Birthing Instructor in your area.