Sam Faiers reminds us that reality TV is not quite so real!

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Sam Faiers asleep with baby

Sam Faiers posted the above picture on her Instagram page in response to all the ‘stick’ that her partner Paul has been receiving since the airing of ‘The Baby Dairies’ on ITVBe

I decided to speak out too because being negatively portrayed is something that comes with the territory when you offer something that is alternative to the norm. Like a different view on birth perhaps 😉

From time to time we all love a bit of reality tv (some more than others) but deep down we know that what we are seeing isn’t real. It is just a version of people’s lives edited in such a way that is entertaining. It can be fun for us to watch, but whereas in the past any news became old news very quickly, we no longer live in a world that ‘yesterday’s news is tomorrow’s chip paper’ and this is where the problems can arise.

Social media enable us to get more involved in people’s lives than ever before, sharing, liking, debating, comparing. I am not denying that those people involved in reality tv don’t understand that this is part of the territory but let’s just remember that it isn’t really real. 

Sam Faiers newspaper articleWhen we were watching the recent Sam Faiers’ documentary ‘The Baby Diaries’ we were slightly aggrieved, that despite the two hours of filming that took place when Tamara did Sam’s first Wise Hippo Birthing Programme session, the bits that the documentary makers felt compelled to share were Tam crying, Tam saying orgasmic birth and Sam’s mum being uncomfortable with a ‘relaxation’ session . No footage of Sam’s mum doing ‘soothing strokes’ (a form of gentle massage) with Sam. No footage of Sam’s mum comfortably reading out positive birth affirmations. No…. you get my point.

The documentary makers edited the course to show the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme session in a way they wanted to.

It is of no surprise that they did the same with Sam’s partner Paul. Yes he said some daft things and he is uncomfortable in front of the camera, but we don’t know what happened moments before or moments after those scenes we saw were filmed. Or for the matter what happens when they are not being filmed.

I spent a small amount of time with Sam and Paul and I don’t know what they are like really, other than what I saw, which was a very down to earth young couple happily and excitedly preparing for the birth of their baby.

That’s the reason I spoke up. We don’t know people by how they are portrayed by the media and we should take what we see with a pinch of salt, good, bad or indifferent.

I don’t think it really comes as a shock to us that as Sam Faiers reminds us reality TV is not quite so real!

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