Sam Faiers achieves the right birth on the day

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Sam Faiers and Paul Knightley Wise Hippo PracticeWhilst many of Sam Faiers followers have been waiting to find out what she had named her new baby son, here at The Wise Hippo we have had one burning question…

Did Sam achieve ‘the right birth on the day’?

One of the things we normally suggest to our Wise Hippo clients is not to share their birth plans to avoid the ‘naysayers’ from impacting on their confidence. 

Suggesting to Sam Faiers that it might be a good idea to keep her birth plans quiet was never going to happen. For starters she was filming about her pregnancy and birth preparations.

However, one of the advantages of preparing for birth with The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is that our focus is on ‘the right birth on the day’, rather than there being one specific right way that birth should be.

When The Wise Hippo was first contacted by ITV to film Sam as she attended one of our Wise Hippo Birthing Programme classes, I have to admit I was nervous. The media often portray birth in a less than positive way. But after quite some considerable thought (I do not believe that all publicity is good publicity especially when it has the ability to be skewed) I agreed. 

TamaraTamara, Sam and her mum Fairers taught the session that is to be shown on ITVBe in late Jan/early February
to Sam and Sam’s mum. This meant I didn’t have the opportunity to really assess whether this was a good decision, until I met Sam and her partner Paul myself, for their next session (although Tamara was feeling confident about it having met Sam so I wasn’t too concerned).

I was however pleased that Sam had told the camera crew that they were not filming the session with me. This was my first sign that Sam was really taking this birth preparation stuff seriously.

I was happy for two reasons. Of course in the first place for Sam herself. I know how important it is for couples to prepare well for their baby’s birth and as Wise Hippo clients I wanted them to have the best experience possible.

I was also pleased because Sam’s celebrity status means that she is influential. She has a lot of followers on social media who will be looking at her experience of pregnancy and birth and imagining themselves in that situation.

How Sam talks about birth could either positively or
negatively impact literally 1,000’s of women.

I needn’t have worried. I was incredibly impressed with Sam’s determination to have a positive birth experience. She knew what she wanted, but she also had a natural confidence that said to me, that she would be ok if her birth plans needed to change.

It was good to be able to work with Sam and Paul without them worrying about how they were appearing in front of the cameras. I did this session at their home and you can tell from the picture of the two of them above that they were both very relaxed.

Sam had experience of birth already having attended three births, two births of a friend and her sister’s birth.  She didn’t attach any significance to how these births went in relation to the experience she might have.

Dany with Sam Faiers and partner Paul KnightleyI had the opportunity to talk to them about The Wise Hippo philosophy in more detail during this session. That we focus on a woman having ‘the right birth on the day’. What this means is that our clients focus on the birth that they want but without the need for it to have to turn out that way.

The reason that this is important is that sometimes life throws us shitty curve balls. You will often hear people say, there is no point writing a birth plan because you can’t plan birth. That is not strictly true. Without any plan, how do your caregivers know what is important to you? We are all different and have different expectations about birth, without a plan your medical care givers will simply follow protocol and that may not be in line with what you want.

A plan is useful to give us and others direction. However, as with any good plan, there needs to be flexibility and in the case of birth emotional flexibility is what is required.

In the event that we believe that the change in our birth plan is the right course of action, we want to have the emotional flexibility to be able to let go of what we’d wanted, and focus on what we want now that we have this new information.

To set a new plan in play.

Sam and her partner Paul did this beautifully. As you can read in this article Sam had planned to have a home birth but midway through her 22-hour labour, she had to be transferred to hospital after her temperature soared dangerously high. Sam said 

“I was really chilled. I thought, this hasn’t gone to plan but at this point I’m fine and the baby is fine so let’s take each step as it goes without making it a drama.”

Paul said in an interview with OK! magazine “We just knew that’s what we had to do and we were calm. Yes we wanted a home birth but it didn’t go that way.”

Both myself, Tamara and all of our Instructors in the Hippo Pod are very much looking forward to hearing more details about Sam’s baby’s birth. We are particularly excited about the news that some of Sam’s home footage will be shown during the ITVBe 90 minute documentary, when viewers will be able to see her using her Wise Hippo techniques in action. 

However, from the few words that she has shared to date we can very much tell that Sam believes that she has indeed achieved ‘the right birth on the day’ for her and her baby.

Congratulations once again Sam and Paul on the birth of baby Paul Tony and thank you for being such wonderful advocates for birth.

Showing 1,000’s of women that you can focus on your birth in a positive way, but that the most impo rtant element of birth is to have the emotional flexibility to remain calm and relaxed should your birth plans need to change, so that you can ensure that you are able to achieve…


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  1. I was told by a lot if nay Sayers not to make a plan because it ‘gets thrown out if the window” I did it anyway but with an open mind and bearing in mind my informed consent. Eventually I agreed to 1 paracetamol (!), ARM and eventually a low level of synthetic oxytocin to regulate contractions, which worked a charm, my beautiful off-centre baba was born 2hours later (after 3days of contractions). I think Sam did a brave thing by keeping an open mind and I believe this is the key to having a positive experience, no matter what you choose to happen along the journey.

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