Hypnobirthing – the route back to your natural birthing instincts

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Two Women Sharing secretsIt has taken a royal baby to really put hypnobirthing on the map in the UK, however, there are many women around the world who have already benefitted from these wonderful techniques.  In fact amongst The Wise Hippo Birthing Instructor community we have helped 1000’s of women to have a more empowered birth experience. You could almost say that up till now it has been the best kept secret of the birthing world

It hasn’t been officially announced yet (and maybe it never will be) that Kate used hypnobirthing, but what we do know is that she had a calm, natural birth.  For us, this is the inspirational element of her birthing.  Through whatever route she took, she was able to trust and tap into her natural birthing instincts and achieve a natural birth without interference.  Some women have an instinctive confidence in their ability to birth comfortably as nature intended, but if you are not one of them and you want to have a birth like Kate’s, hypnobirthing will provide the formula for success….see more below

To start with, what’s gone “wrong” with birth?  Before we were lucky enough to have fantastic medical support for birth… Whoah! We’ve surprised you there haven’t we, hypnobirthing advocates speaking highly of doctors in the same sentence as birth?  But we are lucky. The interventions we now have originally came about to save lives and still do. The fact that they are used far too often and one set of interventions can lead on to the next and so on can be left for another post. So back to our point, before that time, pregnancy and birth could be a very frightening experience with women and babies dying. But now, thanks to those amazing doctors, this thankfully rarely happens.  Unfortunately though, it has got lost somewhere along the line that potential complication was the thing women were afraid of and instead, birthing as a whole became feared. 

Why is this important? Fear causes the muscles of the uterus to constrict and tighten, rather than relax and open, and this in turn causes pain.  When a woman is anxious during birth she also prevents her endorphins, her body’s natural pain relief, from flowing.  This can lengthen labour and cause the baby to become distressed (leading to intervention).

You may be thinking at this point that the body (and indeed, Mother Nature) must be flawed in some way. During The Wise Hippo Birthing classes, we like to draw attention to our hippo at this point.  Out in the wild, if a mummy hippo senses danger the anxiety response detailed above will help prevent the baby from coming so that she can move to a place of safety.  Once in a safe place, she relaxes and her body relaxes and opens again.  This is a fantastic survival response from Mother Nature and the hippo of course is simply responding to her natural birthing instincts.

Unfortunately, our body responds to any form of anxiety, whether we are actually in danger or not. 

Back to the best kept birthing secret and the hypnobirthing formula for success:

(Removal of fear + becoming an expert in relaxation) unnecessary interference =

the ability of a woman in labour to tap into her natural birthing instincts

 If women were not bombarded with negative messages of birth and those supporting women in labour applied more patience, women wouldn’t need hypnobirthing, as they would never have lost their natural instincts. The formula would just look like this:

Relaxed confident mum-to-be = the ability of a woman in labour to tap into her natural birthing instincts

A woman who is able to tap into her natural birthing instincts will feel calm, relaxed and in control throughout her birthing.  Because she is relaxed and without fear her body will be working at its best and her endorphins will be flowing. Endorphins actually help prevent pain signals from being transmitted to the brain!  If genuine special circumstances arise, together with her birthing partner and the medical team, she will make choices that are right for her and her baby… and she will know that she has achieved the right birth for her baby on the day.  With many of our Wise Hippo clients this is the normal, natural, comfortable birth they have been daydreaming about.  For some, nature needs a hand.  For all, they are positive about their birth experience.

Maybe Kate was one of the lucky ones who fell into the category of the second formula, but now that the best kept secret in the birthing world is out, isn’t it nice to know that many more women can find their way back to their natural birthing instincts? You can experience the right birth for you and your baby on the day, and look as calm and relaxed the day after your baby’s birth as Kate did too.

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