A Doula’s eye view of a beautiful Wise Hippo birth

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Belinda and her new babyWe’ve been sharing a beautiful Wise Hippo birth recently on social media and we’d like to now share with you an insight into how it felt to be at that birth. A beautiful piece written by Tamara who as you will learn felt very blessed to be a part of this birth…

It was a week before Christmas when I got the call from 2nd time mum Belinda. It was 4am on a freezing winters morning. The joys of being a Doula sometimes hey!!! But If I had known what I was about to witness and film that morning I would Doula everyday of my life.

Being a Doula is a privilege, after all you are there witnessing the most memorable and profound moment in many couples lives.

I was greeted by Belinda’s Husband in the car park and we both made our way up to the Midwife Led Unit which was very quiet. We must have been the only ones there that morning. Belinda was already in the pool listening to her Sea of Serenity on her phone, her eyes closed with a beautiful glow of peacefulness all around her. I smugly thought to myself ‘I have taught this couple well!!’ The beauty about being a Wise Hippo Birthing Programme Instructor and Doula is that you get to see your couples practice what you preach and there really is nothing in this world more rewarding.

The lights were dim, the temperature of the water was perfect and the birth affirmations in the background had us all in a state of trance. Belinda was swaying in a dance like motion as she breathed gently through each surge of her body using her ‘waves of relaxation’. Her body was limp as her arms gracefully waved in the air. She was focussed, calm and completely in control of everything in this sacred space.

I sat in the corner with my cup of tea and just watched her like a flower swaying gently in the breeze….so hypnotic and I felt mesmerised

Tamara with Belinda and her new babyAfter a while she looked over at me and said ‘I am so glad you are here Tamara I think I want to get out for a bit’. I helped her out of the pool and she instinctually walked over to her ball. I placed a pillow under her knees and feet as she cuddled her ball, closed her eyes and counted down to her relaxing place in nature. I could see her lips gently moving, she must have memorised the birth affirmations that were still on in the background. I gave Belinda a gentle massage on her lower back with some oil and encouraged her partner to come over and do some soothing strokes on her back which is a technique I know they had been practicing at home together.

After 20 minutes had passed Belinda then wanted to get back into the water and I felt a change in the way she was breathing, she said to me “can you please teach me again how to breathe this bit as I am feeling a lot of pressure.” Belinda closed her eyes and listened to my voice as I reminded her how to hum her baby out with her breath. Her noises were beautiful and I couldn’t help but secretly cry at this moment knowing that her baby would soon be here.

As soon as Belinda could feel her baby coming she put her hand down into the water where she could feel the top of her baby’s head. Her face lit up and all I could see in this moment was her huge smile and bright white teeth.

We then all heard Belinda say “I feel so happy right now, I am ready to meet baby” with a huge smile almost as if she was really enjoying the feeling of her baby’s head coming out.

A couple of minutes later Belinda started laughing which of course started me off and also the midwife who was at this point in shock saying “I have never seen anyone so happy at this point….we will have you again”.

The tears were streaming down my face as I watched in awe of this strong calm mummy humming her baby into the world with happiness and laughter. I can see how reading this may seem to good to be true for many women but we have captured it all on camera and it is Belinda’s wish to share her Wise Hippo birth with the world. She is one inspirational lady and as her Doula I feel so blessed to have been a part of their special day.

This is one birth that has imprinted on me in the most profound way and I will forever cherish this moment. Here is a link to Belinda’s birth and I know you will enjoy it too.

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