Early Parenting Programme

How are you feeling about taking care of a new born baby?

If this isn’t your first baby are you wondering how you might cope with your second, third, fourth, fifth (although if you’ve got to your fifth child you could probably teach us a thing of two).

A lot of new parents share with us that they feel very overwhelmed about this stage, and that there is very little education that is easily accessible to them that wraps the whole early weeks parenting thing up in a nice simply to learn way.

Which is exactly why we have created The F.US.S. Free Format™ which contact four fantastic sessions, covering the FOUR TOP areas of concern. Each session is delivered by one of our Experts via video with your Wise Hippo Instructor facilitating your learning experience.

These four top areas of concern are…


A beautiful breastfeeding babyA practical session delivered by our Trained NCT Breastfeeding Expert Anne Jeffrey. Supported with an hypnosis for breastfeeding workbook and accompanying mp3s created by Dany.

Understanding your baby

Understanding your babyAn information packed session delivered by Midwife and Mum of three Alllison Wickramasinghe covering all key topics that relate to taking care of a new born baby.


A beautiful sleeping Wise Hippo babyWe have had, two Experts provide input into this incredibly valuable Sleep session both Elizabeth Bain and Lucy Atkinson. We can’t promise you a baby that will sleep through the night from day dot. We can share with you though all of the milestones to look out for and what you can do to support your baby’s ability to sleep when you want them to be sleeping.


A beautiful pregnant mother's state of mindThis session is all about taking care of yourself, because you can’t nourish others from an empty plate. Dany is your Expert for this session although your Wise Hippo Instructor can choose to deliver it herself if she wishes. This is sessions is full of simple ways to help you manage the emotional overwhelms that can come with a new baby, ensuring that you remain calm, relaxed and in control.

These sessions can be delivered either as 4 x 1.5 hour sessions, 2 x 3 hour sessions or you can immerse yourself for a whole day in getting ready for those early weeks of parenthood as a 1 x 6 hour session. Your Wise Hippo Instructor will let you know how prefers to run them.

The most important thing you will want to take on board with regards to attending these sessions though is that the best time to learn all of the great information is before you’ve had your baby.

It makes sense doesn’t it?

If you learn all this great stuff about taking care of your baby and yourself afterwards, you are going to be way too tired to take it in.

We all know don’t we, that new parents get woken up by their baby a lot, and that alone is really tough to handle, and this lack of sleep not only makes learning harder if taught once the baby is here, but it also affects memory and recall of that learning too.

So, would you agree that it is vital to make sure that you cover how to take care of yourself and your baby before your baby is here?

This final step is in fact so often left out of traditional antenatal education classes, but it is one of the most important, as it is about feeling confident with becoming a parent and taking care of your new born baby.

Four absolutely essential topics for making sure that you are ready to take care of your baby and yourself after your baby has been born.

Some people may say to you “oh it will all come naturally”.

But you know that may have been the case when we lived in small villages and women had been seeing baby’s being born and raised from when they were a child.

But for most of us these days that is not the case, and for many of us the first time we may have to take care of a new born is the day we have them, and learning on the job in this case is really not for the faint hearted.

Providing the practical knowledge and preparation that forms The F.U.S.S. Free Format™, before their baby is born, has made such a difference for our Wise Hippo clients during those early days as a parent and we want that for you too.

The Bump Birth and Baby Blueprint

Why not treat yourself to the whole suite of programmes – that’s the Prenatal Parenting Programme, Birthing Programme and the Early Parenting Programme combined into one complete course, ensuring that you have a Wise Hippo Instructor by yours side for Bump, Birth and Baby.

The Wise Hippo - Bump Birth and Baby Blueprint