Your subconscious – Saviour or Sabotour?

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An Angel and the DevilMuch of the work that we do is about making change at a subconscious level so I thought I’d spend a bit of time today talking about your subconscious and how it works.

The title of this blog post is a little misleading as in fact your subconscious primary role is your survival so it always thinks it is being your saviour. However, because of how it learns what is and isn’t dangerous it can sometimes inadvertently become your saboteur.

To put it simply, as we are growing our subconscious is looking out for things that are dangerous. Some of those more obvious dangers our subconscious knows about before we are born but most it learns from how we and those around us emotionally react to situations.

This is how our beliefs about things are formed and, because when we are very young we don’t have the ability to rationalise as we do when we are older, much of that learning happens without us knowing it has even occurred. 

Because our subconscious primary role is our survival it has to be able to react quickly and therefore it will take similar situations and put them in the same category, once more basing its assumptions on how we emotionally react. Again we don’t know this learning has occurred.

This is all great when our subconscious gets it right but because it bases what it knows on our emotional reactions rather than actual fact that isn’t always the case. This is yet another reason why I bang on about understanding emotions so much.

So how can it sabotage you? An obvious one is fear around childbirth but I am not going to talk about that as one of our Wise Hippo instructors will do that for you when you attend a course. I thought I’d share a personal example of how my subconscious sabotaged me over many years.

My example is not in any way linked to the kind of work that we do but I love to share how our Wise Hippo learnings link to life in general so I am going to go for it. I also seem to be sharing quite a bit of personal stuff lately so in for a penny, in for a pound as the saying goes. I also think real life examples are useful because you can see that I really practise what I preach.

I will begin with a memory I have of when I was around 9/10 years old saying to a teacher that I would never want myself or my family to be rich because rich people’s kids get kidnapped. Where I had got that from I don’t know but most likely some Saturday TV programme. I say Saturday because the TV didn’t tend to go on in our house until my dad was ready to watch the news (unless sport was on and then the time of day didn’t seem to matter ;-)). I digress. 

You may well think that as I grew up I got rid of that silly idea but although my logical rational brain did my subconscious held on to it. Not that I’ve had a poor existence, thankfully, but in my own words I’ve always had ‘just enough’. I considered myself lucky to have ‘just enough’. Many don’t after all.

I’d often be found saying I don’t want lots of money but would have a funny feeling in my stomach as I said it. I knew it wasn’t true. 

There have been plenty of times when my saboteur has shown its ugly face. The day I got a pay increase and at the same time my rent went up (I’d been telling my mum about it in earshot of the couple whose house I lived in). Sometimes it’s not shown itself to be such a blatant saboteur. When I had Evan and we decided that I wouldn’t go back to work my husband got a new job that just made up for the loss in my salary. We still had ‘just enough’. How we celebrated!

But recently I heard Dr. Joanna Martin talking absout wealth (come and see her at Pod Meet you won’t regret it) and I realised what I had been doing. Although really what I should say is what my subconscious had been doing. It was making sure that I didn’t get rich because wealthy families kids get kidnapped. Right? WRONG! My subconscious had simply learnt its lesson wrong.

Having realised this I started using the techniques that we teach during our Wise Hippo courses to make change and you can call it coincidence if you like but ever since things have started to change for me in relation to money. I look forward to them getting even better.

The feelings I had about money were always there. I never listened to the emotions and was most certainly not hearing the messages they were trying to share with me. If I had then I would have explored the fear a lot sooner and come to the same conclusions a lot quicker. I was blocking my own path to wealth.

I am still exploring what amount of wealth I am interested in achieving and I am on a journey with it all but finally I feel that I am on the right path for me in relation to money.

If you are pregnant come along to one of our Bond with Baby sessions so you can learn more about understanding your emotions. If you are a Wise Hippo client or a professional working ‘In the Baby Business’ come along and experience the wonderful Dr. Joanna Martin at Pod Meet. She is running two 90 minute sessions for us and if you are open and willing you will most definitely leave those sessions changed. 

But for now I will leave you with a task. Simply start noticing what feelings come up for you around certain subjects.

Maybe you will find a block that you had no idea was there or perhaps like me you already know there is a block but you keep gently nudging it away because you think change is too hard. I can promise you change is a whole lot easier once you make sure your subconscious is always on your side and not inadvertently being your saboteur. 

You will learn more about this in relation to birth on one of our Wise Hippo Birthing Programme courses but as I said at the beginning I love people to use what they learn on our courses in their wider life also. I hope my example gives you a little insight into how that can be done.  

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