Hypnobirthing – is TOWIE’s Billie Faiers setting herself up for disappointment?

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Billie Faiers uses The Wise HippoFurther to Wise Hippo Birthing Instructor, Steph Grainger, teaching hypnobirthing on TOWIE last week, OK magazine has revealed that Billie Faiers is using hypnobirthing.

I am sure many will be asking is she “setting herself up for disappointment?

Sadly, this is a question that many of our clients are asked.  Caring friends and family (and even strangers) will often share their concerns that the ‘perfect’ birth they are focussing on may simply not happen.

This is why in The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme we talk about what a ‘perfect birth’ is, and it may surprise you to note, that it isn’t about everything happening exactly as a woman has been imagining.

We do ask our clients to focus on the best birth possible because it doesn’t make sense to rehearse anything less…. Would you have expected our Olympic athletes to imagine coming last even if they knew their competitors were better than them?

But whilst we want them to imagine birth in the most positive way we also don’t want to set them up for disappointment.  This is why we discuss what creates a positive birth experience.

Of course it is great when a woman’s birth goes exactly as she hoped but sometimes nature needs a hand or circumstances change and we want her to be ready for that.

The techniques that we teach our couples are therefore not just for their desired birth plan but also to help should their birth plans have to change. Because we teach in this way women are positive about their birth experiences even when nature does need a hand. A woman who feels positive about her birth experience and knows it was the right birth for her baby on the day is, as far as The Wise Hippo is concerned, the definition of a ‘perfect birth’.

“We believe a ‘positive birth’ is a state of mind, it’s not defined by what happens during labour and birth but by how a woman feels about her baby’s birth. Because of this belief we are able to teach skills and knowledge that empower women to trust their instincts and ensure that their baby has the right birth on the day.”

How can that be setting a woman up for disappointment?

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