Naming our ‘baby’

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The Wise HippoWe very much feel like we conceived, carried, gave birth to and are continuing to nurture our baby (aka our company).  Part of that process of course was to give our baby its name.  

We love our mummy and baby hippo but you may be wondering where on earth we came up with the idea of calling our company ‘The Wise Hippo’.

We like to think that we are different, quirky and fun and we wanted the name of our company and birthing programme to reflect that.  So when we sat down to explore names the first thing that came up was that we didn’t want to use the typical pregnant woman as our logo.  There are already many beautiful examples of that out there and wanting to be different, yet still have that mummy and baby link we decided to use an animal, but what animal?

We started imagining what would look good on a logo and many ideas came up and then through research we found out that the Hippopotamus is associated with birth, motherhood and the protector of the young. How perfect!

 So we had our animal and part of the name but what to go with it?  

We both love owls and at first we had played around with the idea of using an owl for the logo but that was dismissed early on as we felt it should be a mammal.  However, we couldn’t let go of the association that owls have of being wise and with a flash of inspiration we put the two together and became The Wise Hippo.

So there you have it – how we named our ‘baby’.

Does anyone have any fun stories to share about how they named their baby?

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  1. About a year and a half before I had my baby I dreamt I gave birth to a little girl and I named her Alana Ruby in my dream.When I really gave birth she looked exactly like the baby in my dream so I just had to call her Alana Ruby!!!

  2. Throughout my pregnancy our son was Zacharia, but when he arrived it just didn’t seem to suit him. After a couple of days had passed I suggested a name from an old dancing legend and an icon I adored… Fred Astaire. So that is how ‘Freddie’ came to be!

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