Isn’t it great when life gives you just what you need?

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Something has happened very recently that saddened Tamara and I. I don’t need to go into details but I’ve been pondering about what happened.

I tend to play devil’s advocate a lot, I think it must be the therapist in me, but I can always see both sides even when I’m actually on one of the sides.

So I’ve been wondering about it and thinking should we have done anything differently? Mistakes were made for sure but I don’t think we deserved to be treated the way we were.

I was feeling quite hurt by it and then the lovely Gemma posted her very first blog post on our Wise Hippo Instructor group. It began “I truly believe we find a message when we need to hear it”.

I needed to hear her message today. It really spoke to me and was the perfect thing for me to read at the time. I’m sharing it because I think that many will find the same. Do yourself a favour take a few minutes to have a read.

Thank you Gemma

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