Hypnobirthing Fit for a King!

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Birthing Fit for a King with the Wise HippoRoyalty shaping the way that women birth their babies.

After suffering the pain of delivering seven children without any anaesthetic, Queen Victoria was more than willing to try the latest drug available to ensure the pain-free birth of her eighth child. That drug was Chloroform, and Queen Victoria’s enthusiastic endorsement of it subsequently popularised its use, and to this day has changed the way that many women birth their babies.

Here at The Wise Hippo we wish that our hypnobirthing programme had been around back then to teach Queen Victoria that there is another way.

But 160 years on it has been fantastic to see how another member of the Royal family, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, has been able to now teach women that lesson. With her apparent use of hypnosis for the birth of our future King, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge has helped open the minds of many more women to the possibility of birthing their babies comfortably, without the use of drugs.

Like those who followed Queen Victoria, the hopes of those wishing to experience a birth like the one Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, experienced are not unfounded. Dany Griffiths, the creative force behind The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, has found that over 96% of her clients are birthing without drugs such as pethidine and the epidural. Just under 75% without any drugs at all and 70% achieving a completely natural birth without any intervention.

We hope that women’s confidence in a more natural and comfortable way to birth will further increase when the results of the Self Hypnosis In Pregnancy (SHIP) trial are announced mid-December. The trial that was set up back in August 2010 by Professor Soo Downe of East Lancashire Trust, hopes to prove a reduced need for pain relief and medical interventions in labour.

Listen to an interview about hypnobirthing and the SHIP trial with Dr. Hilary Jones, Prof. Soo Downe and Dany Griffiths HERE

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