Hypnobirthing – the best Christmas present a baby can receive!

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Enjoy your Christmas baby bump with The Wise Hippo…and with it supporting a more comfortable birth, it’s a great present for a mum-to-be too.

A gift that over 800 pregnant women have been able to give to their babies for free, care of the NHS, as part of the Self Hypnosis In Pregnancy (SHIP) trial. This trial aims to prove that birth without drugs is a real possibility for many women.

With some hospitals reporting up to 60 per cent of mothers having epidurals and many others being given pethidine or laughing gas, proving women can birth without drugs is also a great gift for the NHS… in terms of huge savings.

Our Wise Hippo mummies already know what a great gift hypnobirthing is for their babies. Over 96% of our clients have birthed without drugs such as pethidine or the epidural and an amazing 70% have achieved a completely natural birth without any drugs or intervention at all.

Hypnobirthing is not just about the birth though.

The prenatal period is a very important time not only for the baby’s physical development but its emotional development too.  Babies learn about the ‘rhythms of life’ whilst in the womb and a mum’s emotions will affect the way her baby behaves and feels.

This is not about a mum-to-be never experiencing negative emotions, but if she is able to manage her feelings ‘appropriately’, she will create a strong foundation for her child’s emotional intelligence (their capacity to be aware of, control, and express their emotions).

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme teaches women how to listen to the messages of their emotions and to respond usefully and appropriately. They will also learn techniques to help alleviate stress and promote confidence and relaxation both in mind and body. Their babies in turn will be learning about this too.

Parents are also encouraged to continue to use their Wise Hippo techniques after the birth to help them manage the challenges of parenthood…. and so the benefits continue.

Hypnobirthing really is the best present a baby and its family can receive.

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