Having Enough Water?

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Shake the WorldI  bet you thought that this post would be about reminding pregnant women that having enough water it is important; to drink plenty of water.

Well it is but in a really cool way.

You see I’ve fallen in love with this little app called ‘Shake the World’ and I can’t help but rave about it because it is so simple and yet truly life changing.  

Shake The World is powered by B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1). It enables absolutely anyone, as long as they have a mobile phone, to give life-saving water to those who desperately need it in Ethiopia, by simply shaking their phone.  

Over 700 million people around the world do not have access to clean water. And many walk hours each day to collect contaminated water, which often causes life-threatening diseases. This is why a simple thing like having access to water really transforms lives.

It won’t cost you a thing because the shakes are funded by B1G1 Partners — small businesses that join B1G1 to embed giving into their everyday activities. 

Water AlarmsFor our pregnant clients, you can use the Water Alarms on the app to remind you to drink plenty of water, which will be good for you and your baby. But…

Having Enough Water?  Imagine…

Every time you have a drink, you could make it possible for someone else to receive life-saving water too.

Just with a shake of your phone.

Because I love this app so much I will end with the blatantly obvious.  Most of us could do with drinking more water so the Water Alarms are useful for all.  We are lucky that we have enough water.  

Do a great thing and download this app and make that possible for others too.

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