Cos we love her and she’s really great

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We have had the best news and to announce it I was going to write a really clever blog post about repetition.

The timing is good as I am going to see Muse tonight (yes I am – VIP tickets and all) and it is the fourth time I am going to see them. I am as much, if not more, looking forward to hearing the old familiar songs as I am about listening to the new ones live. 

I googled ‘what is the psychology behind why humans love repetition so much?’

I told you didn’t I?

Clever post alert!

I found out about ‘the mere exposure effect’ (that sounds clever doesn’t it?) –it is the fact that people prefer to be exposed to things that they have experienced before… 

I then googled “why do people watch movies and shows over and over?”

It was full of stuff like habits, addictions and rituals at which point I confess that I started to get bored of my clever post writing – this was not the direction I wanted to go in at all. 

And then I spotted it – a nice bold statement that said…

The Simple Reason

The least complicated reason why people re-watch a movie (e.g.) is that … well, they really like that movie!

Love it – anyone within The Wise Hippo pod knows that one of my key values is ‘simplicity’ and there was my answer.

Answer to what I hear you ask.

The answer to why we have only gone and booked the wonderful, the amazing, the incredible Joanna Martin to come back and speak at Pod Meet again this year. Why?

…well, cos we love her and she’s really great. 

Stick the date in your diary – as always it is the last Saturday in November which means this year it is Saturday, 26th November – tickets will go on sale soon. 

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  1. Great news. I think we love watching old familiar films, re-reading a great book is part the anticipation of knowing we will have a great experience and then the deliciousness of the experience all over again. It probably releases oxytocin or other endorphins. So I for one am having a lovely experience anticipating Jo’s session at the pod meet and know that this will be another lovely , inspirational session when I see and hear her again . 😘😀❤️💗

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