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In the Baby Business with the Wise Hippo
Working ‘In the Baby Business’ is an amazing thing to do and within The Wise Hippo community we are all incredibly passionate about supporting women and their partners on their journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

We are not the only ones though. There are lots of people who work ‘In the Baby Business’ who are offering great services.

It doesn’t matter how great those services are though if the people who could benefit from them don’t know they exist and getting known is one of the hardest things for small service providers to achieve.

This is why we are providing our Wise Hippo Instructors with a really simple way of providing other people who work ‘In the Baby Business’ access to low cost advertising, direct to their target market.

This is something that Tamara set up in her area very successfully and it was a no-brainer to me that we should spread this more widely.

I will leave Tamara to explain more about it.

If you work ‘In the Baby Business’ and you are interested in finding out more contact your local Wise Hippo Instructor to see if they are participating.

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  1. I’m interested for the market Harborough area, I’m in the process of getting a networking group together so perfect timing x

  2. Hi I am a qualified hypnobirthing teacher and I am retraining with Wise Hipp. I would like to set up ;in the baby business in my area. Do I have to wait until I have finished training or can I look at doing it now. Thanks

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      Hi Susan great to hear that you are training with us :-). We have ITBB groups set up by county on Facebook so it is possible that a Wise Hippo Instructor is already managing the area that you are in. We don’t limit the number of admins though and leave the groups to manage themselves so they may be very happy to have some extra support. Which area are you in?

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  3. Hi Dany and Tamara,

    I hope you are both well.
    I am interested in setting up
    ‘in the baby business’ in the area of Aberdeen City and Shire.
    If you can kindly sent me more information.

    Best Regards,
    (Wise Hippo instructor)

  4. Hi, I’d like to know more about being in the business in the Hampshire area. I am a Daisy Foundation active antenatal teacher and hope to do further training in parent and baby class teaching for my areas (Winchester, Chandlers Ford and Romsey). Thank you

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