What does childbirth feel like?

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What does childbirth feel like?

The answer to this question is probably something that every first time mum-to-be wants to know isn’t it? The reason they want to know may range from mild curiosity –  “I’ve never done this before so I am curious to know what it is going to feel like”, to a petrified woman trying to handle…

Stop Hating On Harry Kane and Hypnobirthing

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Here at The Wise Hippo we would have expected to see Harry Kane say that he was proud of his fiancée’s birth experience, no matter how Katie birthed their baby. The problem with traditional hypnobirthing is that it focuses on helping women have a natural birth without drugs. This is great when it works out,…

Word to the Wise (a Positive Birth) – with Jane Wallington

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Jane with one of Birthing Programme Clients having just given birth to a beautiful baby

Jane is a great example of how a wonderful birth experience can not only heal a previous traumatic birth but set in motion a rewarding career path. Jane is a successful Wise Hippo instructor, and named her company Breeze Birthing , after her love of sailing – a sport in which she raced competitively. So,…

Word to the Wise – with Lucy Atkinson

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Why did you want to take part in this interview Lucy? Recently, over the past couple of years, I’ve learned to start saying yes to whatever opportunities come my way. Saying yes opens doors, it leads to other opportunities and I had a feeling it would be a lot of fun.   How would you…

Bump, Birth, Baby and Bullying

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It’s a travesty isn’t it that the word bullying should sit anywhere near pregnancy, birth or parenting? But sadly it does – this blog post has been triggered by a new release of posts, going around social media today, on bullying in midwifery. I’ve seen a number of posts about mum-shaming too this week and…

The lonely mum in the village

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The lonely mum in the Village

This morning as I was sat having my morning cuppa I happened upon a post sharing this article labeled – “It takes a village – today’s isolated mum”.Mums feeling isolated is a subject that is very dear to my heart.As Katy Blevins is talking about in her article above, we no longer have the collective wisdom and…

Cos we love her and she’s really great

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We have had the best news and to announce it I was going to write a really clever blog post about repetition.The timing is good as I am going to see Muse tonight (yes I am – VIP tickets and all) and it is the fourth time I am going to see them. I am as…

I believe that pregnant women are more discerning than this.

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Pregnant women reading this – I need your help. This is a post about instructor marketing but as you are our customer you are the only ones who can actually answer my questions. I recently heard my friend Suzy, who is a fellow antenatal educator and who knows a bit more about marketing than your average bear, say that only a…