The Bump, Birth and Baby Blueprint

The Wise Hippo Bump, Birth and Baby Blueprint the first fully comprehensive antenatal education programme.

What makes it so unique?

It is the FIRST programme of its kind that recognises that antenatal education should not be just about preparing for birth.

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The Bump, Birth and Baby Blueprint

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So, what’s it all about?

The Wise Hippo Bump Birth and Baby Blueprint is a 6-module programme supporting you on your journey through pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

We want your parenting journey to be as amazing as it possibly can be, whilst acknowledging that life can throw us curve balls sometimes, and we want you to know how to handle those too.

We want you to feel confident in yourself and the decisions that you make no matter the situation, or what your unique needs and desires are for your bump, birth and baby experience.

There are lots of different decisions that can be made on your pregnancy, birth and early parenting journey and there is no one right way to do things. There will also be choices that you make that with hindsight you may feel you would have done differently and you know what. That is fine too.

So, what we want you to know is this.

The Wise Hippo Bump, Birth and Baby Blueprint is not about giving you advice.

It is not about saying it is The Wise Hippo way or no way.

We are not here to judge the choices you make or give you our opinion on those choices.

The number one priority as far as we are concerned is that you feel empowered to make choices that are right for you and we very much hope that what you learn in The Wise Hippo Bump, Birth and Baby Blueprint enables you to do just that.

Whilst you are learning if you require any support you will be able to join us on The Hip Club our closed Facebook group, where you will find both Dany, Tamara and many of our Wise Hippo instructors, along with other women and their partners who are both making their way through ‘The Blueprint’.

Both Dany, Tamara and the rest of The Wise Hippo team very much look forward to being by your side for Bump, Birth and Baby.

Let’s delve a bit deeper into each of those modules now.

Module 1 – CONNECT

The B.E.S.T. Start- Solution - CONNECTTo help our clients CONNECT we teach them The B.E.S.T. Start Solution™. Would you agree that along with happiness and excitement pregnancy can bring with it some fears too?

Unfortunately though many mums-to-be don’t always share their concerns, because they are afraid that they are going to sound silly for worrying too much.

Their partners often don’t share their deepest concerns either, as they don’t want to cause worry.

Some also feel that it is not their place to have fears – after all they are not the ones having to carry and give birth to the baby.

A lot of mums-to-be are also worried, about whether any ‘upsets’ that they might encounter during pregnancy could impact on their baby, and it doesn’t help that there is a lot of conflicting information out there about whether that is true.

And here’s the thing…

This means that at a time when a woman and her partner want to feel the most connected to each other and their baby, that unfortunately there may be some things inadvertently causing a disconnect emotionally instead.
Which is why The Wise Hippo Bump, Birth and Baby Blueprint programme starts much earlier than traditional antenatal education.

And the focus of module one is how pregnant parents-to-be CONNECT with their own feelings, and each other, about their bump, birth and baby journey.

Wise Hippo clients who have already experienced this session, are sharing that what they learnt has helped them to CONNECT much more closely with each other, about what they want for their pregnancy, birth and early parenting journey.

Mum’s have shared that they feel connected to their baby at a deeper level, and their partners have shared that they feel much more a part of the pregnancy having attended this session.

This is a four-step solution that I have created for our clients, to help them understand the bonding process, and how their emotional well-being can support their baby’s long term emotional growth.

This session provides the space for couples to think about their individual feelings about their pregnancy, the birth, and becoming parents whether that is for the first time or of a growing family.

They are then able to share those feelings openly with each other. Something that some couples have shared that they are not always able to do, for fear of worrying their partner or looking silly.

Women and their partners learn about emotions in a way that for most they have not come across before, and they find it both interesting in relation to their pregnancy and incredibly useful for their everyday lives.

During this session, they also learn some great tools for ensuring that they consistently replenish their cup in order to be the best for their family, and some lovely ways to connect with their unborn baby.

The B.E.S.T. Start Solution™ is a wonderful foundation, for ensuring that our Wise Hippo clients feel confident and empowered to make decisions that are right for them, through their connection with themselves, each other and their baby.

Module 2 – CONFIDENT

The Birth Belief Generator - CONFIDENT The next step is to start busting any negative beliefs pregnant women and their partners may have picked up about birth.

And there are lots of things that cause fear for women and their partners aren’t there?

How they are going to cope with the pain.

Wanting to avoid interventions.

And one of the biggest fears – feeling out of control.

Which means that we have a big responsibility…

Because this session is about making sure that women and their partners feel CONFIDENT about birth, without making them think that we have a magic wand that will guarantee them a perfect birth.

Clients who have attended this session share with us that they have a restored faith in their ability to handle birth no matter what happens on the day.

To help our clients bust any negative beliefs they might have about birth and feel more CONFIDENT instead we teach them The Birth Belief Generator™.

For this I have identified 6 important steps that explain how the mind and body work. Which means that during this session, our Wise Hippo clients are able to understand why so many women report negative experiences of birth, and why it doesn’t have to be that way.

They also learn how their minds can be negatively influenced by others, without them even knowing it, and a way to protect themselves from that.

But it isn’t only other people they need to be aware of in relation to this. so, they also learn how to avoid being their own self-saboteur as well.

Once our clients have learnt and understood these 6 important points. they find that their negative beliefs have been transformed into a self-belief that they can birth with confidence. in a way that is right for them.

The Birth Belief Generator™ moves our clients from feeling scared and out of control to feeling CONFIDENT about birth.

Module 3 – CALM

The Balanced B.R.E.A.T.H.S Toolkit - CALMThis session is vitally important because without it, their new-found self-belief acquired in the first two modules will not be sustainable. But here’s the thing, just making sure that pregnant women and their partners are feeling confident about birth is not enough.

Because most of life isn’t controllable, is it?

Things may arise during labour and birth, that could cause a woman and her partner to feel stressed and anxious.

So, would you agree that it is important to give them tools to handle that too?

It is crucial for them to feel confident in their ability to remain CALM, relaxed and in control, and to feel able to avoid any panic setting in on the day, should something unexpected arise.

Clients who have attended this session love the fact that they are given tools and techniques for remaining CALM and relaxed during labour and birth, that they can practise and use in everyday life too.

Because here’s the thing.

Without the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they can be CALM in any situation, that they can remain CALM no matter what happens during their labour and birth, they may not be able to maintain their confidence in their ability to have a positive birth experience.

That is why I have included 5 simple yet powerful techniques in this module, to help our clients, prevent any stress or anxiety from being a part of their labour and birth.

These 5 important tools available in The Balanced B.R.E.A.T.H.S. Toolkit™ are essential for ensuring equilibrium throughout labour and birth, but are also great tools for life, to use during pregnancy and as a new parent too.

Module 4 – CONSIDER

The Birth S.P.A.C.E. Planner Consider So far we have discussed the importance of pregnant women and their partners knowing how to remain calm, relaxed and in control no matter what happens during their labour and birth.

And that is great but there’s something else that clients share with us a lot and that is the fear of the unknown.

Even if this is not their first baby, they share that they have concerns about not knowing who will be with them at the birth, or they might worry about what the environment is going to be like, or worse that decisions will be made about their baby’s birth that they don’t fully understand. Things like that.

And the biggest problem with all of this is that no-one can know what they don’t know, which is not conducive to making informed choices, and what I mean by informed choices is making decisions based on having looked at all sides of a situation.

But some people don’t know that they have options, or they don’t take time to explore their options and are therefore pretty much left with going with what they are told to do, even if it doesn’t feel right for them.

There are in fact so many things that women and their partners can choose to do to help make their birth the best it can be, when they know what they are.

Which is why it is crucial for women and their partners to take the time to CONSIDER what those options are so that they can make choices that are right for them.

If they don’t take the time to do this other people will end up making those choices for them instead.

I am sure you will agree that it is good to have a set of tools to help you remain calm, relaxed and in control, but that means nothing if you are forced down a path in relation to your labour and birth that doesn’t feel right for you.

Which is why The Birth S.P.A.C.E. Planner™ is so important, as it enables our Wise Hippo clients to fully explore and CONSIDER what it is that is important to them for their baby’s birth.

Because everyone is different, aren’t they?

What you may want for your baby’s birth maybe completely different to what somebody else may want for their baby’s birth.

But unless you take the time to CONSIDER all of your options, you may not even know that those options exist, until you find yourself having had a birth that doesn’t feel right for you at all.

Which is why during this module you will go through the 5 key essential areas of The Birth S.P.A.C.E. Planner™ in order to CONSIDER the questions that you might want to ask, the research that you may want to make, and the choices that are right for you.

Module 5 – CELEBRATE

The Flexible Birthday Formula - CELEBRATE Now of course the birth of a baby is something to be celebrated, isn’t it?

But shockingly some people believe that as long as there is a healthy baby and mum then that’s all that is important but that simply isn’t true.

The fact that women are sharing difficult stories of birth tells us this isn’t true, and the fact that the Birth Trauma Association approximate that over 200,000 women a year are traumatised by birth, shows us that isn’t true.

So just to focus on a healthy mum and baby, however important that is, is absolutely not good enough.

But as life isn’t always predictable no amount of preparation will guarantee a perfect result.

Which is why it is crucial for pregnant women and their partners to be able to CELEBRATE the way their baby is born, not only when they have their perfectly dreamed of birth, but also if all of their best laid plans go completely out of the window.

After The Birth S.P.A.C.E. Planner™ module you will have all the necessary information to put together a well thought out and considered birth plan.

But there are some people, and you may have already come across them, who will say to you “but you can’t plan birth”.

And if they are thinking that by planning I mean a rigid set of rules, carved in stone that you will insist upon no matter what, then let me assure you that this is not the case.

Your plan is there to show your health care providers what is important to you for your birth, because would you agree with me that they are not mind-readers?

But your birth plan is based on everything going as you hope, and there is a potential problem with that because life doesn’t always go as you hope does it, sometimes it throws some mean old curve balls around and you want to know that you can handle those too don’t you?

This is why The Flexible Birthday Formula™ is such a crucial part of your birth preparation because the 5 steps within this module show you how to have ‘the right birth on the day’.

Which means that no matter what happens during your labour and birth, you will know that you were a part of every decision and that every decision was the right one for you. This enables you to feel emotionally in control of your birth even when you should deviate from your hoped-for plans.

The Flexible Birthday Formula™ helps our Wise Hippo clients avoid being traumatised by their baby’s birth even if things don’t go their way.

Module 6 – CARE

The F.U.S.S. Free Format - CARE On to the final step now of The Wise Hippo Bump, Birth and Baby Bluprint, because it doesn’t all stop at birth, there’s how to look after the baby once they’re here stuff too isn’t there?

In fact, a lot of new parents share that they feel very overwhelmed about this stage.

Even if it isn’t their first child they often want to revisit this learning and feel reassured that they’ve got the FOUR TOP areas of concern covered.


  • Breastfeeding
  • Taking care of a new born baby
  • Sleeping
  • Taking care of yourself

That’s right – all of this in just one module. Four unique sessions making sure that you are absolutely ready, when your new baby arrives.

And do you know when the best time to learn this is? It’s before you’ve had your baby.

It makes sense doesn’t it?

If you learn all this great stuff about taking care of your baby and yourself afterwards, you are going to be way too tired to take it in.

We all know don’t we, that new parents get woken up by their baby a lot, and that alone is really tough to handle.

And this lack of sleep not only makes learning harder if taught once the baby is here, but it also affects memory and recall of that learning too.

So, would you agree that it is vital to make sure that you cover how to take care of yourself and your baby before your baby is here?

This final step is in fact so often left out of traditional antenatal education classes, but it is one of the most important, as it is about feeling confident with becoming a parent and taking care of your new born baby.

Four absolutely essential topics for making sure that you are ready to take care of your baby and yourself after your baby has been born.

Some people may say to you “oh it will all come naturally”.

But you know that may have been the case when we lived in small villages and women had been seeing baby’s being born and raised from when they were a child.

But for most of us these days that is not the case, and for many of us the first time we may have to take care of a new born is the day we have them, and learning on the job in this case is really not for the faint hearted.

Providing the practical knowledge and preparation that forms The F.U.S.S. Free Format™, before their baby is born, has made such a difference for our Wise Hippo clients during those early days as a parent and we want that for you too.

Does The Bump, Birth and Baby Blueprint sound like it will be useful for you with regards to your antenatal education?

If it does don’t miss out on our introductory offer.

The Bump, Birth and Baby Blueprint

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