How a Wise Hippo Instructor Can Support You from Bump to Baby in 5 Simple Steps

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Bump, Birth and Baby – I am going to be honest when it comes to sharing great knowledge I like to keep things SIMPLE.

Because whether a writer has swallowed the Oxford English Dictionary or the Urban Dictionary, a load of so called clever writing, can really get in the way of you learning what you need to know.

So with that in mind, I want to share with you in  5 Simple Steps, what you can get from your Wise Hippo Instructor when they are By Your Side for Bump, Birth and Baby.


Pregnancy, birth and parenting can make you feel like you are on a rollercoaster of emotions can’t it?

Yes we teach our clients how to be guided by their emotions instead of being controlled by them.

But still, isn’t it nice to know that you have a shoulder to lean on, to maybe cry on to feel re-assured by, whenever you need?


No-one ever wants to feel judged do they?

Sadly though there is a lot of judgement around pregnancy, birth and parenting isn’t there?

But we know that it is not for us to tell you what to do but to give you the space to explore what you want to do.


Sometimes I hear other antenatal educators say that a structured approach impedes their ability to work with their clients’ individual needs.

But that would imply that the programme they are teaching is rigid and inflexible.

The Wise Hippo suite of programmes provide the flexibility for each client’s needs.

The structure means that you can trust that you are getting all of the information that I know is important for you to receive.


I love the definition of ‘Sensible’ because it says it all.

  1. “done or chosen in accordance with wisdom or prudence; likely to be of benefit.”
  2. “practical and functional rather than decorative.”

    practical, realistic, responsible, full of common sense, reasonable, rational, logical, sound, balanced, no-nonsense, pragmatic, level-headed, thoughtful, down-to-earth, wise, prudent, mature.

Need I say more?


How do you make something successful when there are so many potential outcomes?

I have a simple solution for this too.

Instead of focusing on the outcome we pay attention to how you can feel about the outcome.

Our Wise Hippo instructors will teach you how to trust your instincts and make decisions that are right for you in a calm and confident way.

When you know how to do this you will never be able to fail at anything again.

This simple 5 step approach is what makes The Wise Hippo unique and we know it works.

To ensure that you have a Wise Hippo Instructor By Your Side for Bump, Birth and Baby, all you have to do is click on the ‘Find a Course’ option in the Navigation Bar.

Dany Griffiths - Creative Director & Co-founder

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