The essential purchases for your new baby

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Budgy and carry-cot

When you are pregnant with your first baby sooner or later your thoughts move towards finding out what the essential purchases are that you will need.

There are lots and lots of lists that you can find on the internet regarding what those essential purchases are and I am not about to add to their number.

Instead I thought I’d share with you what happened to my sister when she was getting close to her due time. Her baby, my gorgeous nephew George (who was also my first hypnobirthing baby as my sister and her husband were the first couple I supported back in 2005), decided to put in an appearance just a tiny bit before 37 weeks.

My sister, like many first time mums, had been looking forward to going on maternity leave after which she was planning on going out and doing the ‘big’ shop for all the essential purchases.

Instead she had her baby and NOTHING had been purchased. Luckily her good friend Sherrie (who was also one of my first birthing clients and is now a Wise Hippo Instructor herself), came to her rescue and went out and made all of the essential purchases that my sister would need for a new baby.

Needless to say my sister ended up with a lot less essential purchases than most first time mums. 

Therefore it was no surprise that all of those essential purchases were used.

Jump forward 2 years and I became pregnant for the first time, along with 3 out of the other 5 members of my team at work (we definitely all must have ‘sat on that seat’ and I’m sure gave our manager no end of problems).

Because so many of us were pregnant at the same time, all first time mums, there was a lot of discussion around what the essential purchases were. It didn’t take long for an excel spreadsheet to appear. It was full and I mean full of essential purchases.

I was horrified at the number of items on the list and so immediately sent it off to my sister for her thoughts.

It came back with about 75% crossed off and a big note attached saying “you will never use these things”. She calmed me down and said that she would take me out to do the ‘big shop’, which as it turned out, wasn’t so big.

The only 'essential purchases' we made that day that I didn’t end up using were the feeding bottles, because I exclusively breastfed. It wasn't that I planned to exclusively breastfeed, however because it came easy to me and ultimately I always prefer to take the simplest path, I found it easier to get my boobs out and feed Evan rather than worry about bottles, pumping, sterilising and whatever else goes with bottle feeding.

What I learnt from these two situations is that instead of chatting with other pregnant first time mums about what should be on the essential purchases list, it is more useful to find a mum who has already done it.

Hopefully another wise mummy had shared with them what the ‘non-essential’ essential purchases are, but if not she will have a cupboard full of them which she’ll either happily let you take off her hands so that they can take up space in your cupboards, or she’ll cross them all off of your list like my sister did for me.

So now I’ve saved you a fair bit of money by not buying the ‘non-essential’ essential purchases I’d like to introduce you to something that I believe is an essential purchase….

How to achieve ‘the right birth on the day’.

In my next post I will talk a bit more about this but for now I want you to think about whether you think it is worth investing in a course that means that you can remain calm, relaxed and in control no matter what turn your birthing takes.

To know that you and your baby can have 'the right birth on the day' even if it doesn’t turn out the way you hoped.

What value do you put on your emotional well-being during pregnancy, birth and as a new mum? I want you to know that the long term negative effects of a difficult birth doesn't come from the type of birth itself but whether a mum felt in control and part of the decision making process surrounding her birth. This is how she has ‘the right birth on the day’.

Many people refer to the cost of a buggy compared to the cost of a course like this but I didn’t want to do that – you need a buggy, right?

I don’t have the original list and I don’t remember what was on it and of course what may be non-essential/essential for you may not be the same for me.  All I am saying is don’t get pulled into the must have items without first conferring with a mum who has already been there, done that and worn the t-shirt.

If you are currently considering what to put on your 'essential purchases' list, then you might want to plan in a chat with your local Wise Hippo Instructor, because every woman deserves to have ‘the right birth on the day’.

Dany Griffiths - Creative Director & Co-founder

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