I believe that pregnant women are more discerning than this.

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Dany Griffiths, Tamara Cianfini and LynnPregnant women reading this – I need your help. This is a post about instructor marketing but as you are our customer you are the only ones who can actually answer my questions. 

I recently heard my friend Suzy, who is a fellow antenatal educator and who knows a bit more about marketing than your average bear, say that only a very tiny percentage of women go looking for a particular type of hypnobirthing programme. That there was little point instructors promoting that they teach a particular programme and that all of their marketing should be focussed on ‘selling’ themselves. 

I am not a marketing professional but I haven’t done bad at growing two successful businesses and my first thought was I believe that these days pregnant women are more discerning than this.

When there was only one hypnobirthing programme women looked for hypnobirthing. When other programmes started popping up they took the approach of “why re-invent the wheel” and so they called their programmes hypnobirthing.

Of course women didn’t go looking for a specific hypnobirthing programme all of the programmes looked the same, sounded the same and offered the same approach – a natural birth without drugs.

Suzy went on to say that…

“The Wise Hippo have done an incredibly great job at differentiating themselves from the other key brands, so up until very recently I would get people emailing me saying, my friends have done a Wise Hippo course and we would like to do a Wise Hippo course. But that really comes from the way that Dany and Tamara have positioned their brand and the way that they are marketing it, and the way that they are encouraging their instructors to present themselves. However, it is a tiny percentage of people that care about that, most people just want to be taught hypnobirthing”

In my view that used to be the case when there was just a shop front of similar and same named hypnobirthing programmes. 

But what is the number one thing we teach women? How to make great decisions through informed choice. 

Tamara and I believe it is our responsibility to share loudly and proudly about The Wise Hippo approach to birth because our focus is unique – we want all women to have ‘the right birth on the day’ – whatever that means to them. 

The reason that we can differentiate ourselves from the other key brands is because The Wise Hippo antenatal education IS different. Instructors who teach it know it, clients who learn it know it and we can even prove that they know it.

So my first question to my lovely helpful pregnant readers – straight up – do you care what antenatal education programme you attend? I really hope it is yes because you deserve to find a course that is right for you. 

Suzy believes that instructors should only care about promoting their own unique brand and that the product that they are offering isn’t an important part of that.

Again I don’t agree. At this point you maybe thinking of course you don’t agree because you want people to promote your brand but actually Tamara and I make money whether our instructors promote that they teach The Wise Hippo or not. Also, sooner or later it comes out because in order to teach The Wise Hippo programmes they have to use our products and our products are branded.

I agree that people buy from people but my second question to my lovely helpful pregnant readers still with me, “would you prefer to find someone who fits with you personality wise, who is also teaching a programme that has come recommended to you with a great reputation, or is it only the instructors personality that is important to you?”

Hands up how many mums and dads have got kids who love watching Stampy and DanTDM? You don’t have to literally show me, if you don’t want to admit, that the iPad becomes the babysitter when you are getting your well deserved rest each day. Me – I will confess that it is part of my childcare strategy ;-).

For those who do have kids who love watching these guys what product comes to mind when you hear their names?

Yep that’s right Minecraft!

Stampy and DanTDM are famous for putting up videos of themselves playing Minecraft. They both have a unique style but they are both playing Minecraft not Blockstory, Fortresscraft, Lunacraft, you get my point.

And the kids don’t want to watch someone playing Blockstory, Fortresscraft, Lunacraft… they want to watch someone playing Minecraft and doing it really well in an authentic way. 

To my lovely helpful pregnant readers thank you so much for helping me by answering my questions but I want to warn you that I am going to get ‘markety’ now for our instructors/potential instructors so you may wish to leave, but please stay if you think you might be interested. 

For those still with me who maybe considering how they can help pregnant women have ‘the right birth on the day’, I want to share with you a little about our new blockbuster programme, that we have already announced to the ‘in crowd’ ie our Wise Hippo Instructors, which is The Wise Hippo Business Academy. See the lovely illustration below of the W.I.S.D.O.M. Wheel which represents all the great content that we will be covering.

Take note that the ‘I’ stands for ‘Identify’ – which is all about our instructors drawing out what is unique about them and how that links to their unique client. 

We want our instructors to become business famous in their area for being an awesome antenatal educator. They don’t lose their identity by talking about The Wise Hippo products in fact they enhance it. 

Most of our instructors have their own brand just like Stampy and DanTDM but it doesn’t mean that they should disregard capitalising on a well known brand.

What kind of craziness is that? “Cut your nose off to spite your face” comes to mind.

The Wise Hippo Wisdom Wheel

You see unless you have your own unique product you really want to hitch your wagon to products that are great along with an organsation who really cares about growing their brand.

That way when people come looking for their antenatal education you have three great opportunities to win their business.

  • Your own unique style.
  • A well known brand that people are talking about. 
  • An amazing proven product.

We get to share our passion, you get to share your passion and pregnant women and their partners get to experience their passion.

win : win : bloody win as far as I am concerned. 

Dany Griffiths - Creative Director & Co-founder

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  1. I absolutely sought out a particular type of hypnobirthing – with my first baby I wanted to do the Marie Mongan method, and this did work really well for me, although I didn’t feel a massive connection with my instructor she was a hypnotherapist so that was really important to me. This time around we have moved area and I looked for a Marie Mongan instructor again, and I couldn’t find one I liked/who was close enough to us. I therefore looked at other hypnobirthing practitioners who used different methods and I had definite aversions to some of the different methods talked about (like natal hypnobirthing) Luckily I stumbled upon Wise Hippo through searching by area code, and found both a method that I really liked the sound of and a fantastic teacher in Carly who wasn’t a hypnotherapist this time but a midwife – even better! I love the fact that wise hippo is a bit different and in particular that you provide such a great range of MP3s – I think the voice you listen to on the MP3’s is quite a major part about how successful you are in your relaxation and how often you want to practice. Sometimes I feel a preference for listening to one MP3 over another, or something comes up and I want to re-do my fear release, etc I love that i have all of those at my finger tips whenever I want, this wasn’t the case with the previous course I took. I’m definitely going to be recommending this course to others, but I do think personal preference as to type of course and type of teacher (i.e. midwife/hypnobirthing mum/hypnotherapist) is really important, as well as how much you like the music and voices on the MP3’s , I think women who are discerning enough to actively seek out a particular type of birth are also discerning enough to chose between different ways of achieving that.

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  2. I know when I was first looking into hypnobirthing I read a couple of books and liked certain aspects of it but found for me the absolute anti-intervention-and-medicalisation just too much. What I liked about Wise Hippo was that it didn’t go on and on about not letting Drs examine you, you don’t need this, you don’t need that. It emphasised making informed decisions- that’s what I liked- using your BRAINS and having the right birth on the day! That was the reason I went with the Wise Hippo method. It was my cousin who recommended it to me and my mum is now an instructor!
    I absolutely loved my birthing experience and look forward to practising again the next time 🙂

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