Meet Tracey

Tracey Sutton - North of England Trainer

Tracey Sutton is one of our North of England Trainers.

Tracey is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, registered children’s nurse and birth doula who is passionate about supporting couples through The Wise Hippo Birthing course and throughout the whole pregnancy , birth and beyond.

She is a very experienced teacher of hypnobirthing, having taught for 10 years and has recently been added to the team as a trainer to share her passion and experience with new instructors of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, in the North of the country.

Her experience in hypnobirthing and also her doula birth support work gives her a broad understanding of birth, hospital policies etc, as well as hypnosis and therefore how best to help instructors be confident in their teaching of the programme.

She has a very good relationship with her local hospital and the midwives have a great respect for Hypnobirthing because of this.

Tracey has four children, all different births but all beautiful, positive experiences. When all her friends around her after having her first two children were experiencing less than positive births she began to look at why she had enjoyed hers so much!

She realised very quickly that she had had no fear of birth, had used relaxation and self-taught breathing techniques from a very old book which had obviously had an amazing effect on her births and this led to Tracey becoming a hypnotherapist so she could teach other people how to relax into birth. It was while Tracey was training that she heard about hypnobirthing and immediately signed up and began teaching the course.

She is very excited to be now not only teaching The Wise Hippo Programme to her couples but also a Wise Hippo trainer too and very importantly, proud to be a member of The Wise Hippo family!