Meet Lucy

Lucy Atkinson - North of England TrainerLucy is a hypnobirthing mum, qualified hypnotherapist and BabyCalm and ToddlerCalm teacher. She is passionate about supporting families from the very start of their journey, from pregnancy right through to the birth and onwards through the baby and toddler years. The Wise Hippo Birthing course makes such a positive difference!

She has been teaching hypnobirthing for 5 years, training after using the techniques to prepare for the birth of her first baby. She is so excited to have joined the team to train Hypnobirthing teachers, sharing her passion and knowledge so that the Wise Hippo word reaches even more couples.

She spent a number of years as a User Representative on the Sheffield Maternity Services Liaison Committee, helping to feedback and improve maternity services for families in Sheffield; she took over as Chair from October 2012 to July 2013. This has given her a very good understanding of local birth services, and has helped to develop her excellent relationship with the local hospital and midwives.

She originally trained in the Mongan Method (The Hypnobirthing Institute) and has since trained with Katharine Graves; she is currently a member of the Hypnobirthing Association and FEDANT (The Federation of Antenatal Educators). She now teaches the Wise Hippo Programme as she believes Wise Hippo gives the best all in one antenatal education to ensure couples are fully prepared to give birth to their baby in an atmosphere of confidence and calm.

This broad view of hypnobirthing in the UK, together with her expertise as a hypnotherapist, ensures that she is able to deliver an extremely high standard to new teachers training in the Wise Hippo, to ensure that they finish the course feeling fully confident and prepared to start teaching their own courses.

She is so proud and happy to join the Wise hippo team!