About Johnie Mc-John!

John Cook - Web Designer and Brand MangerJohn is The Wise Hippo’s Web Designer and Brand Manager.

He has been involved with web development and online marketing since 1992. Prior to this, he worked in traditional print and advertising and continued this work as a freelancer when he went on to a career as Professional Firefighter in Hertfordshire in 1991; something he had always wanted to do. John fulfilled another of his childhood ambitions in 2002 by becoming a Professional Actor and has appeared in various West End Shows, TV Dramas and Commercials since then. He has also managed to remain as a Part-Time/Retained Firefighter and his work in the Online/Digital arena has been a constantly evolving and developing area that compliments his Acting work beautifully.

Generally working for SMEs or sole traders, his personal, hand-on approach and attention to detail has led to a constant string of recommendations and a buoyant and manageable Client base.

A random sequence of events led to an introduction to Dany and Tamara in 2012 but John realised had already met Tamara…he was a Hypno-Dad!!!! He and his partner had attended Tamara’s course in Hertfordshire back in 2010 and has since become a father of two beautiful boys Reuben and Jonah. His awareness of the benefits of self hypnosis, hypo-birthing, and the underlying principles and toolkit kindly provided by mother nature, meant that he understood what they were aiming to do. John and his partner had already experienced a degree of frustration with the older hypno-birthing methods, out-dated course materials and a rather dull 80s, hemp-wearing feel that all things hypno-birthing had, and was excited with what Dany and Tamara were aiming to do with The Wise Hippo – their enthusiasm and commitment to this fresh, new approach was compelling. As well as maintaining thewisehippo.com, John serves as a sounding board for new ideas, presents advice and comment on existing aspects and, although not always met with agreement or smiles, always gives his respectful honest opinion.

John is constantly on hand to amend, modify and enhance the online experience for everyone joining the ever-increasing Wise Hippo family and has, as a pleasant and welcome side order, secured more business via recommendation too. If you would like help or advice regarding your online presence, graphics or marketing just get in touch with him – we are sure he’d be happy to help!