Welcome to the Pod

Welcome to the Pod

Dany & Tamara - co-founders for The Wise Hippo Limited

If you got past the hippos, and wondering if that’s what we are calling pregnant women around here, then you are probably as passionate about this bump, birth, and baby business stuff as we are.

Are we right?

Do you get as irritated as we do at all the conflicting information out there, about pregnancy, birth and parenting, and most definitely don’t want to add what you do to the pile?

Are you totally hacked off with the level of support women are given throughout pregnancy, birth and early parenting?

Do you want to be there for pregnant women, but at the same time are thinking, that you need your own support in setting up a baby business in order to do that?

In fact does the thought of setting up a business, wondering if you will ever get any clients and – oooooh cringe – asking people to pay you for what you do, have you reaching for the exit button on this website?

But you don’t want to do that do you?

Because you want to make a difference don’t you?

You want to provide a solution that gives women the flexibility to follow what feels right for them.

Perhaps you’ve been on the sh*t side of anxiety through pregnancy, felt out of control during birth or been judged about your parenting choices.

Or maybe you’ve had a front row seat at a Wise Hippo experience and want to share your first-hand knowledge with other women.

And you want to feel confident, relaxed and have fun whilst you are doing it too.

Then here’s the great news!

You have come to the right place and we’d love to welcome you to our Pod (Hippo speak for business family).

We have both previously set up client facing businesses to support women on their journey from bump to baby just as you want to do.

We’ve jumped through the hoops, done it the hard way, fallen down the pot holes and climbed our way back out in order to create successful businesses.

We’ve proven we can do it again on a much grander scale with The Wise Hippo and this time we are helping women like us, ie women like you, to build their own successful ‘In the baby business’.

And you may well be asking “why should I choose you?

To be honest if we were on a dating site and you’d read this far we’d think our luck was in but here’s some tasty soundbites that will hopefully seal the deal.

  1. We have a statistically proven suite of programmes. Although we believe the anecdotal stuff is much better proof (you can check out what people are saying about us on our Facebook page).
  2. We have the best bunch of ‘in the baby business’ women in our Wise Hippo Pod you are ever going to find. Now you may think we are biased but seriously come and find out. Not only are they kind, caring and supportive, the collective knowledge we have in our group is hard to beat. We are not just talking about pregnancy, birth and parenting. We’ve not seen a question asked yet that someone hasn’t had a qualified answer to.
  3. The Wise Hippo non-judgemental approach carries through to our Pod. Your clients will feel safe, acknowledged and nurtured with you and you will feel the same in our Pod.
  4. The Wise Hippo Business Academy provides the support you need in relation to growing your business and we have our very own The W.I.S.D.O.M. Wheel for Business Growth Programme for those who want to go that extra mile.
  5. We like to drink Prosecco, laugh a lot, be a bit silly and have lots of fun whilst changing women’s lives.

Oh! And just in case you are wondering WE are the hippos not our pregnant mums.

So how does it sound? Are you ready to become a hippo and join our Pod?

Dany & Tamara