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Relax with Nature with The Wise Hippo - Girl meditating on a beachAre  you pregnant and wondering if The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is the perfect hypnobirthing education to help prepare you for your special day?  If so, you may want to sample one of our hypnobirthing preparation Mp3‘Relax with Nature’.

During classes we teach how fear and anxiety cause the body to work against itself during labour.  

As a pregnant woman progresses through our classes she learns how to let go of any fear.  This enables her to feel positive about birth at both a conscious and subconscious level.  In other words, she not only thinks that it is possible to have a good experience, she feels that it is possible too. Her learning is enhanced through listening to our 5 hypnobirthing preparation mp3s.  Whoever thought homework could be so relaxing, easy and fun?

Our hypnomummies learn how to become experts in relaxation.  This ensures that once they have let go of any fear they are able to maintain the sense of calm it has left behind. It is impossible to be calm and relaxed on the one hand and stressed and anxious on the other.  By utilising these techniques women not only go into labour feeling confident but are also able to remain calm, relaxed and in control throughout the birth of their baby too.  

The common phrase repeated throughout all of our hypnobirthing preparation mp3s is “you are calm and relaxed, so calm and relaxed”. It makes me feel good just writing these words I’ve  heard them so many times.  Repetition of message is the key but I will save the explanation of that for another day.  If you can’t wait though you may want to book onto a Wise Hippo Birthing course so that you can learn all about it.  Find your nearest instructor by going to our ‘Find a Course‘ section.

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