The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme Course

The Wise Hippo
Birthing Programme

Where is your head at right now in relation to your baby's birth?

Is it buried in the sand? Is it full of scary stories about what can go wrong? Are you worrying about whether you can cope with the pain or ‘handle it’ if you need intervention?

Maybe you are thinking “I better not do a course like The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme because they are going to tell me that I can’t have an epidural, or that I won’t need it because I won’t feel any pain if I just do as they say?”

Perhaps you are frightened of setting yourself up because you’ve heard that if hypnobirthing goes well then it’s like a dream come true, but if it goes badly then you are going to feel like you’ve failed.

Potentially all of these kinds of thoughts have got you so worked up, that you are too scared to even think about getting prepared for birth, and are wondering if it’s just better to see how it all goes on the day.

Hold those thoughts for a moment, have the courage to lift your head out of the sand for just a few moments, and have a read and see if what The Wise Hippo has to offer you is different to what you might be thinking.

Because here’s the thing…

Whilst The Wise Hippo may use hypnosis as part of its suite of tools and techniques it doesn’t mean that it has the same view on birth as traditional hypnobirthing.
Because what we want for you is to have THE RIGHT BIRTH ON THE DAY!

So let’s start there. What is

The Right Birth on the Day TM

Focussing on having The Right Birth on the Day provides you with the opportunity to create a positive mindset about birth, whilst building up your ability to make sure that everything that happens on the day (and beforehand if necessary) is what you believe is the right course of action for you to take.

You might wonder why this approach is so important, after-all traditional hypnobirthing will tell you never to focus on what could go wrong. It is because that isn’t realistic as life throws us curved balls sometimes doesn’t it? It doesn’t matter how positively you focus on your birth, how much practice you do or how much you plan, sometimes things don’t go the way you hoped they would.

The important thing for you to understand in relation to this is that is not your fault.

Yes, it can absolutely help your chances of having the birth you wish for if you have a positive mindset about birth. Yes, you will enable your body and baby to work at their best if you learn how to be calm and relaxed during labour. Yes, you will have a better chance of staying in control of your birth if you plan ahead of time and know how to communicate in a useful way with your medical care givers.

It doesn’t stop the curved balls though.

However, and this is really important for you to take notice of, even when the curve balls turn up you can use the tools and techniques you’ve learnt to remain emotionally in control. You can make sure that you ask all of the right questions of your medical caregivers, so that you fully understand all of the decisions that you make, which means that you will be able to look back on our baby’s birth no matter how it turns out on the day and know it was right for you and your baby.
If this is all resonating with you then let’s dive a bit deeper now into The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme.

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is a structured course of sessions which means that no matter who your instructor is, you will know that you will receive the statistically proven programme that we want you to receive.

If you are wondering if structured equals inflexible then let us reassure you. The programme has been carefully crafted to ensure that no matter what your concerns are, what your hopes are and what your style of learning is, that it is right for you. Because the way you choose to use what you learn is up to you. How you choose to practice is up to you, and no matter whether you are that mum who is absolutely petrified and looking for a way to alleviate that fear, or you are that mum who is really keen on a no-drugs, home, water birth, or something in between you will find that The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is adaptable to your needs.

The course itself is run as 4 x 2.5 hours (some Instructors like to teach it as 4 x 3 hours or across two full days).

You can learn more about what is covered in each class below:

Class 1: Confident

You and your Birth Partner will lay a great foundation upon which to grow in confidence.

  • Bust any negative beliefs you may have about birth.
  • Get comfortable with what we mean by hypnosis. There are no swinging watches and getting you to cluck like a chicken we promise.
  • Familiarise yourself with the physiology of birth so you can let go of worrying about how all of that stuff works. We bet you will be fascinated.
  • Understand how the mind interprets PAIN… so that you can learn how to manage and control it.
  • Take charge of your thoughts so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to your birth, rather than feeling anxious and worried when it is a time for joy and happiness.

Class 2: Calm

Learn how to become an expert in relaxation so that you can feel calm, relaxed and in control in the lead up to and during your baby’s birth.

  • Discover how to use your breath during labour to enable the birth cocktail of hormones to flow in just the right way.
  • Learn how to distract your mind away from your body so that you can distance yourself from any pain.
  • Set up useful anchors to relaxation that you can use any time you want any extra boost of those feel good hormones
  • Feel confident in the fact that your partner is learning how to use all of these tools and techniques with you, so that they can help you use them on the day.

Class 3: Consider

It’s your birth so take the time to consider what is important to you.

  • Where do you want to birth?
  • What do you want your birthing environment to be like?
  • Who do you want to be with you?
  • How do you want to get labour started?
  • These are the kinds of questions you will be exploring, so that you can plan for the birth you want.
  • Experience a powerful FEAR RELEASE session so that you can look forward to your baby’s birth.

Class 4: Celebrate

Bringing it all together so that you feel ready for birth

  • The focus is on your Birth Partner so that they fully understand how you want them to support you on the day.
  • Enjoy Soothing Strokes an incredibly simple form of light massage to stimulate your body’s natural pain relief.
  • Use your B.R.A.I.N.S. to make sure that you have a structure way to ask questions if required.
  • Explore the best Birthing Positions to support an easier more comfortable birth.
  • Learn birth humming to help avoid unnecessary forced pushing for birth.
  • Walk through your labour and birth from it getting started to holding your baby in your arms and how what you have been learning fits in with that.

The Bump Birth and Baby Blueprint

Why not treat yourself to the whole suite of programmes – that’s the Prenatal Parenting Programme, Birthing Programme and the Early Parenting Programme combined into one complete course, ensuring that you have a Wise Hippo Instructor by yours side for Bump, Birth and Baby.

The Wise Hippo - Bump Birth and Baby Blueprint