Confident Instructor Training

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The Wise Hippo Birthing Instructor training is changing.

Confident Instructors

We like to do things differently at The Wise Hippo not just to be different you understand, although we do like to stand out, but mainly because we are constantly striving to be the best that we can be. To offer the best service that we can – to both our pregnant clients and our instructors.

Sometimes this means that we do stuff in a way that can at first feel uncomfortable to others.

When we introduced mp3s some of our instructors went running for the hills at the thought of dealing with technology (we coaxed them back down don’t worry). Now they hand out their client workbook with the code for them to access the client area of our site without a thought.

Technology provides a whole new way of doing things. A greater flexibility to provide for the needs of the many rather than just the few.

This is where our latest change comes in.

We have recently carried out a huge project integrating a number of our website’s ‘back end’ components. Part of this has been to improve our client and instructor membership sites and along with the systems for this came a great new ‘toy’ for Dany to play with.

This toy is called Learn Dash which is great for creating on-line learning programmes.

So we got to thinking. All the way through our training we say to our instructors – ‘you will feel more confident when you know your stuff’.

For those who already have experience of running courses or doing presentations, they can sometimes feel frustrated when we carry out the practice sessions, and we hear them saying, ‘I can’t wait to know my stuff so I can feel competent again’.

Trainee Instructors 2016You can be the best teacher in the world but if you don’t know your stuff then how can you teach it?

For those who don’t have any experience of these things they worry about whether they are going to be
 able to do it. Without prior experience and not yet knowing their stuff they are often concerned about their ability.

By the time we finish our instructor training all of our trainees are chomping at the bit to ‘learn their stuff’ so they can prove to themselves that they really are confident teachers.

They go away and through our ‘How to teach’ home study modules and their Wise Hippo workbook they learn their stuff. They do their case study assignment and then share with us that now they know their stuff, they have found that they are indeed confident and as importantly competent teachers.


‘Get them to learn their stuff before we teach them how to become a confident teacher’

We videoed our last training so we could do just this and our Wise Hippo Birthing Instructor training now looks like this: 

Home study

Foundation modules for Birth and Hypnosis – these modules involve stand-alone learning. Watching video presentations and carrying out homework to, as the name implies, lay down the foundation for the remainder of their learning. This is background information about birth and an in-depth understanding of the tools and techniques used in The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

On-line learning

The four classes of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme – how is this different to the home study we hear you ask – am I still not learning this at home? The simple answer is yes you are (or wherever your computer is). The difference with the on-line learning, is that by using Learn dash, Dany has been able to write this in a way that enables us (Dany and Tamara) to provide each and every trainee support as she/he is working through the lessons.

It is multi-layered to suit all learning styles with video lessons, written content, quizzes that get you thinking, opportunities to practise what you are learning and tests to make sure that you really do know your stuff.

Whilst you are doing this, as we mentioned before, you can ask us questions right at the point the question comes up. Just like you would in class. When we teach face-to-face we ask you to write your questions on a post it note so that we can come to them at the end of each section. It will be a bit like that. Within each lesson there will be a place to ask a question and you will pop your question in there. Once a day (Monday to Friday) we will drop in an answer your questions.

This means when you come for your Confident Instructor training you are already going to know your stuff. How amazing is that?

Let’s look now at what we do at the Confident Instructor training, to see how knowing your stuff is going to make our Wise Hippo Birthing Instructor training even better than it was before.

Confident Instructor training (2 days face-to-face)

After we’ve had some fun getting to know each other (we always like to have fun), we will begin by looking at how you can use all of The Wise Hippo tools and techniques to help you be a confident teacher. They are tools for life and we will want you to teach your clients that, so first and foremost we are going to show you how useful these tools are for you.

You will then get plenty of opportunity to practise teaching every one of those techniques. Remember you already know why and how they work. You already know where they fit in with the programme. Now it is time to practise!

We then move on to exploring what makes a confident teacher and this is where you will get the chance to really show us that you know your stuff.

During your online learning we will have identified all of the key topics that we will be looking to assess during the Confident Instructor training. Each trainee will be asked to teach their fellow trainees, in small groups, some of these topics. We will allocate topics randomly so no-one will know ahead of training what they will be asked to teach.

The Wise Hippo Trainee Instructors in course practiceTo be able to do this you will have to know your stuff. We don’t expect you to be perfect but we will expect you to know your stuff. You’ve got to learn it sometime right? 😉

If you do the work before attending the Confident Instructor training you WILL know your stuff and we will provide the session planners that all of our instructors use in class to help you to teach.

It may feel like you have to know everything off by heart but that isn’t the case. Once you know your stuff you will be able to share your knowledge in your own way.

On day two we look at managing the different personalities that may show up in your classes. You get to do some more teaching but this time with the most difficult clients you will ever get. In your teaching groups one person will be allocated as the ‘disrupter’ and we will get to see how you cope under these situations. It sounds harsh but actually it is hilarious, and everyone is really surprised at how confidently they manage the ‘disrupter’, in a positive way for the person themselves and for the rest of the group.

The final part of the Confident Instructor training is focussed on getting your business set up, marketing, social media, website, etc.

By the time you complete your training you will be absolutely ready to ‘hit the ground running’.

We feel this is enhancing our training immeasurably. By learning your stuff before attending the practical stage of your training, you will get so much more out of yo ur practice sessions. Your mind will have the space to learn about how to become a confident, competent teacher because it isn’t being clouded by not knowing your stuff.

We also get the best opportunity to assess how our trainees are teaching. It really is a win:win:win scenario. A win for our trainees, a win for us and a win for your future clients.

Your final assessment will be to carry out a case study teaching The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme as a trainee. You will complete your own case study evaluation based on how you prepared and how your sessions went. Your case study clients will also complete an evaluation on how you taught them the course.

Dany will mark your case study and if approved you will then be a qualified Wise Hippo Birthing Instructor.

Once you have completed all of these components of our training there will be no doubt, in our minds or yours, that you are a confident and competent instructor of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme.

If you are interested in booking onto our training, we have one of our original style training courses coming up in Sheffield, which you can book on to by clicking on instructor training in the nav bar and then selecting Training Course Dates

The dates for the new style training will be added shortly but for now please express your interest by emailing

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