Meet Louise Balm

Louise Balm is our birth foundation trainer.Louise Balm is our birth foundation trainer.

Hello, I am Louise

I have been working as a registered midwife since 2001.

I have worked in all the various settings- labour ward, antenatal and postnatal wards, midwife-led unit, as a community midwife doing home visits GP clinics, home births, water births, amongst others!

About 6 years ago, I first saw some mums coming in to the hospital, hypnobirthing. I had a light bulb moment. These mums were in active labour, but had a certain calmness and stillness about them. I could visibly see that they were not fighting it, but just letting their body take over, and get on with the process of birthing. As the body knows exactly what to do, as we are all designed to give birth vaginally.

This all made complete sense to me, as a midwife. In fact, it blew me away! So, off I went to do my Wise Hippo Instructor Training, and help as many mums to be as possible, to birth their babies in this way.

I now knew that there is another way, and The Wise Hippo is it!!!