A personal message from Dany Griffiths

Creative Director & Co-Founder

A personal message from Dany Griffiths

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Dany Griffiths - Creative Director and Co-Founder of The Wise Hippo LimitedAlthough I originally qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2000, it wasn’t until after training as a hypnosis for birth specialist and then later a fertility specialist, I finally found how I wanted to work with my newly acquired skills.

Eventually after I had my daughter Evan I was finally able to realise my dreams and I made the decision not to return to my previous role in Human Resources.

I can honestly say that from a career perspective I have never been so fulfilled.

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme has been designed using my extensive knowledge as a hypnotherapist supporting women and their partners through fertility, pregnancy and birth. Not to mention my own amazing labour and birth.

My confidence in my ability to create a fantastic hypnosis for childbirth programme is not unfounded as I have already created a very successful Hypno 4 Birth Home Study Programme which has been used successfully around the world.

I asked Tamara to join me in setting up The Wise Hippo Limited, because I believe together we can successfully spread the word about a more positive and empowered way of birthing, not only across the UK but with out ambition across the world.

You might think that it had been my training that led to my confidence in my ability to birth comfortably; but I believe that I was lucky enough to have been brainwashed, right from my own birth, that birth can be a positive experience. My mum had my brother in a maternity hospital and then my sister and I at home. She said I flew out in 4 hours and I never heard a negative word from her about any of our births. I’ve often wondered if there was an innate trust within me that came from my own amazing birth, that birth was okay.

You will learn later in the programme how we filter out information that doesn’t fit with our beliefs and somehow I managed to miss out on all the horror stories of birth. The only awful information I remember taking in was from a documentary about the epidural. I came away from it thinking there is no way I ever want one of those, yet still not picking up why anyone would.

I didn’t attend any antenatal classes when I was pregnant, but I did share with my husband how he could support me. We practiced the techniques in the same way that we teach our Wise Hippo couples and on the day my natural instincts simply took over. Without any fear I went with the flow, my husband and I were having fun and laughing right up until the moment our daughter was born. I would have done it again the next day.

My aim with creating The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is to help other women to look forward to the birth of their babies in the same way that I did, to know that it can be an event that they are very much in control of and YES even enjoy! But ultimately you are the only one who can make this happen. All of our Wise Hippo Birthing Instructors are passionate about supporting women with their birth preparations and you will find yours of great support.

You will learn lots of useful information about how your mind is working and how what you think affects your experience. Along with this you will learn some simple yet powerful techniques to help you create change and become an expert in relaxation. This, however, won’t be enough. You must fully embrace this new information and put into practice what you are learning. The good news though is that our focus is for your practice to be simple and easy to do. You will find that many of the techniques are to be used during your daily life so need to find lots of extra time for practice. Listening to the mp3s will be a relaxing part of your day that you will learn to look forward to. Your practice with your birth partner will become a very special time that you spend together. Feeling great through your pregnancy and looking forward to your hippotastic birth.