In the Baby Business Conference 2017

In the Baby Business
Conference 2017

If you are a business woman working ‘In the Baby Business’ this is the event for you.

The Wise Hippo ‘In the Baby Business’ conference, also known as ‘Pod Meet’ within our happy hippo family, is an annual event where we come together to spend time focusing on ourselves as business women.

In the Baby Business Conference 2017 - The Wise Hippo Pod Meet 2017

It is also a great opportunity to spend time with other women who share the same passion as you with regards to supporting women on their journey from pregnancy through to early parenting.

This year’s event will be held on Saturday, 25th November 2017 in the beautiful Fanhams Hall in Ware – a Grade II Jacobean mansion house, carefully adapted to a dedicated venue wholly focused on training and conferencing – it’s beautiful ( Fanhams Hall )

It’s a date you will most definitely want fixed in your diary.

Cheryl Chapman

FindYourWHY! With The Live Love Laugh Lessons. Because you don’t need to figure it out alone and you don’t have to do it on your own!

Cheryl Chapman - FindYourWHY! With The Live Love Laugh Lessons

I help others to facilitate change in their lives to help them move from where they are now maybe thinking “Is this all there is to life?” Or “What am I doing here?” to be where they do what they love and love what they do with the people they want to do it with.

So many people know what they don’t want but very few know what they do.

I help you to focus on your A.I.M. for the future by increasing your AWARENESS, setting your INTENTION and then MANIFEST your future by taking ACTION.

The Live, Love, Laugh Lessons is a set of tools and techniques that take you from thinking to moving in the direction of your dreams.

When I am not travelling the world I like to spend time with my husband Mr C and Ozzy the Dog, my beloved Staffy.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Deenita Pattni

Deenita Pattni - Mentor, Speaker, Trainer - Helping you reach SUCCESS and WEALTH through LinkedIn and Public Speaking

Mentor, Speaker, Trainer – Helping you reach SUCCESS and WEALTH through LinkedIn and Public Speaking

After a 4-year stint working as a journalist for both local newspapers and consumer magazines in the UK and Canada, Deenita rerouted her career and entered the world of recruitment, climbing the career ladder from consultant up to senior manager.

In addition to her busy career, Deenita’s outside interest in personal development played a major role in boosting her professional credentials. Qualifying as a Trainer in NLP, she incorporated this skillset into her profession by designing and delivering a number of training modules internally – developing the careers of her colleagues and peers. She continued to build her training business alongside her recruitment career becoming an expert in coaching business entrepreneurs in public speaking, presenting, sales and effective communication. Today, she travels around the world as a coach and public speaker.

In her own time, Deenita is an avid football fan supporting Liverpool FC and likes to challenge herself by walking over hot coals, broken glass and breaking sharp arrows and metal bars with her throat!

Deenita’s book, ‘Recruitment to Rich – The Ultimate Guide to Guaranteed Success in Your Industry‘ has just launched.

Andy Simm

Andy Simm a Consultant Obstetrician

Andy Simm has worked as a Consultant Obstetrician in Nottingham for 15 years, with interests in diabetes and endocrine disorders in pregnancy and fetal growth disorders. He has a keen interest in management of labour where this deviates from the norm, and promotes the importance of communication, team work and other non-technical skills. This has been recognised with both awards from within the Trust and nationally.

​Andy has a large obstetric clinical practice, and as College Tutor is responsible for the overall quality of education and training of junior doctors within his unit.

Most recently he has become involved in undertaking the ‘gentle’ caesarean section, with video footage posted on social media websites getting over 9 million hits. ‘Gentle’ caesarean is undertaken in a softer environment, with a slower delivery that facilitates autoresuscitation of the baby, namely expulsion of fluid from the fetal lungs, and a gentle transition to breathing in air by undertaking deferred cord clamping. Women are enabled to watch the birth if they wish, and immediate skin to skin contact is facilitated. Demand for the procedure is increasing.

Gemma Barry

Gemma Barry founder of The Well Woman Project

Gemma is a Wise Hippo Instructor and Founder of The Well Woman Project.
If you have been to any of our PodMeet events over the last three years you will have undoubtedly met the gorgeous Gemma Barry.

We truly love this lady for her drive, passion, beautiful smile and all round awesomeness; she cares about helping you find the well woman within you, and keeping you vibrant and healthy.

At PodMeet she’s going to talk to you about the ‘Power of your Periods’.

If you don’t have periods, I’m sure she will be covering that too, because Gemma knows how to help women stay healthy through every stage of their life.

I think you will agree that this picture is a testament to what Gemma teaches.

Rebecca Robertson

Rebecca Robertson an Independent Financial Adviser who specialises with working with women.

Rebecca is an Independent Financial Adviser who specialises with working with women.

She happens to be Dany’s financial adviser, and they spent their first consultation discussing how her birth went, as she’d not long returned from maternity leave.

As you can imagine that was a great starting point to the relationship. Dany says she has never felt so nurtured by a financial adviser ever. She’s pretty special and will be getting down to some real nuts and bolts of business and personal finances in language that those of us who are not accountants can understand.

You can get a preview of how lovely she is from her TedX talk here. She’s got a great book which she will bring along for anyone interested.

And then…It’s Time to Party

In the baby business conference 2016 - PARTY

The icing on the cake is always our Christmas Party and as you can see from the pictures we really do like to let our hair down and have some fun.

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